Ⅰ.Air Cargo Security Common Return Items & Reasons:


1. Involving national security items

The following goods are banned from transit:

U disk, removable hard disk, CD, books and magazines, documents, card readers, memory cards, artifacts, weapons (knives, bolt, gun-shaped items include toys), military equipment and etc.

The following goods which are unpacking can be transited:

blank notebook


2. Involving aviation safety items

The following goods are banned from transit:

Containing liquid items: Bottle with liquid (such as glue for nails and phone are forbidden.)

Electronic products: Electronic products including batteries (such as batteries in wireless mouse, toys), chargers, adapters, transformers, hubs, motors, with larger circuit chip items

Flammable and explosive items: batteries, items with battery, lighters, magnetic matches (magnesium rods), chemicals, compressed gas, pressure items (such as bottles with a compression pump), warm paste

Magnet items: speakers, loudspeakers, headset (the larger with headset can not , the small under 5 pieces can pass)

Bulk items: a small package containing a large number of diodes, electronic components, bulbs, LED lights, capacitors, etc.

Depending on the circumstances may be pass: car accessories, mouse with line, toys without batteries, adapter with the line, with a small chip items, without batteries or solar photovoltaic panels or magnets LED lights, silicone, keyboard clean mud, small size Of the capacitance, a parcel with the numbers of mobile phone stickers, glass beads can not identify the natural or synthetic ingredients of the granular


3. May be drugs

The following goods are banned from transit:

cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, powder items, all paste and so on


4.Involved in customs or can’t pass by inspection and quarantine

Banned from transit and directly confiscation:

artifacts, precious metals, stone (for it whether with radioactive or not), food, Wild animals and plants and products, currency, etc.


5. Any item in the security view that renders an "unidentified image"

The following goods are banned from transit:

Security showing black items, such as heavy metals or aluminum, such as capacitance meter, etc.


6. Clothes, shoes and hats

The following goods are banned from transit:

shoes or clothes with fever, light-emitting function

Maybe pass:

if it was found imitation brand


7. Suspected dangerous goods

The following goods are banned from transit:

with light, with the ring of goods


8. Toys

The following goods are banned from transit:

Toys with batteries (including button batteries), if there is no battery in it can be passed

inspection and quarantine can not be passed


9. Household products

Prohibited article: with magnets or other illegal items


10. Tea

It belongs to food, so it is prohibited article


11. Sports

With clothes, shoes and hats category


The same items with more than 5 pieces can not be sent.

Exceeding the limit, the Russian Customs will treat the goods are non-self-use items and refuse to clear and return back.

But the same items with different colors and sizes will identified to different items.



Ⅱ. Name restrictions:

Declare the name must be detailed and accurate, can not fill in a generic name, such as sample, gift, parts, others and so on.



Ⅲ. Battery delivery restrictions:

Some electronic products can be send , such as mobile phones, tablet PCs and other items with batteries, or pure batteries (including button batteries).

Reminder: some electronic products with battery have to do insulation treatment, so as not to cause short-circuit.




Normal: 16-35 days arrived

Special circumstances: 35-60 days arrived, include: holidays, bad weather, policy adjustments, remote areas, etc.

Time guarantee: the shipping company promise the shipping days within 60 days (from pick up successful) will be arrived(except force majeure), over this time if caused some disputes, the shipping company bear the reparation! (According to actual sale price, the maximum not more than 700RMB).



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