gocardiag.com is online shop for auto electronic tools which based in Shenzhen,China.

Our main products include these series:

1. Auto transponder Key
1. Auto Diagnostic Series
2. Auto ECU Programmer
3. Car Key Programmer
4. Auto Electronics Series.Quality testing

It is clear that quality is the most important, we make strict testing under international quality system.


Working Time:

  Customers Service: 10am ~ 12pm, Monday ~ Saturday
  Technical Service: 10am ~ 5pm, Monday ~ Friday
  Delivery Service: 10am ~ 11am , 5pm ~ 7pm, Monday ~ Saturday



  Address: B1201-3,1#,tianan digital center
  Zip code: 518000
  City: Shenzhen
  Country: China
  Tel: 86-755-28370657
  Email: gocardiag@yeah.net
  skype : car.diag1
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