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New Products For October

ID 48 Glass OEM Glass Model for Tango Programmer
ID 4C Blank Chip for Toyota
ID 4C Blank Chip Glass Model
ID 4C Duplicable Chip for Toyota with Battery

ID 4C OEM Chip
ID 4D 68 Chip for Suzuki Motorcycle
ID 4D Duplicable Transponder for All 4D 60 61 62 63 64 65 67 68 69 with battery
ID 4D60 Blank Chip for Ford Mondeo

ID 4D60 Chip Blank Model
ID 4D60 Lock Chip for Lexus PG1:50
ID 4D60 Lock Chip for Toyota Prado Crown PG1:50
ID 4D61 Chip for Mitsubishi

ID 4D62 Chip for Subaru
ID 4D63 Chip 80BIT for Ford Mazda
ID 4D64 Chip for Chrysler
ID 4D65 Chip for Suzuki

ID 4D67 Chip for Toyota Camry Corolla PG1:32
ID 4D68 Chip for Dawoo aMyvi pg1 B2 B5
ID 4D68 Chip for Lexus pg1:B0
ID 4D68 Chip for Toyota Camry Corolla pg1:B2

Upcoming Products
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Item Name Date Expected
renault remote key shell 2 button 01/31/2025
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